We offer three core services that we tailor to your unique needs. We will work with you to realize your vision and determine the scope. Services can be combined, engaged individually or come in a package. We will work with you to determine what is best for your family and your budget. Contact us for a free consultation to get started. 

Oral History

Capture the voices of loved ones telling their life story


Life History Interview: In this oral history session, we will sit down with selected family members and record life stories. In this extended personal interview, we will discuss significant milestones, treasured stories and traditions and detail favorite memories.


Targeted Story-Sharing: As an alternative or complement to the Life History Interview, we will look at photographs, records and documents and use them as memory triggers to explore the stories behind each. 


Packages range from a single interview with one to several family members. You will receive the full, lightly edited digital audio file of the conversations to share with family. Additionally, you can choose between extras such as a full interview transcript, a short podcast or edited segments selected from the full interview. 



Press play to hear an edited oral history segment of a son describing his father's World War II Air Force service:

WWII Pilot Story -
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Italian marriage record and archival newspaper article 

Family History

Targeted Family Research: Uncover and discover your family history.


Let us answer your questions: Where does our family come from? How did they get to America? What were their lives like in their homeland? What was their immigration experience?


We will gather archival and genealogical documents and records to create a narrative story of your past. This readable, shareable, digital archive will be yours for generations to come. 



Archival Surveys and Examinations: 

Did you know that certain photo albums and storage boxes can damage your family records? 

Let us review your family history materials and develop a plan to preserve them for the long-term.


This includes: 


-Rehousing of photos and documents into museum-quality archival materials to prevent deterioration


-Digitization of photos and documents


-Creation of albums to share your history with friends and family and to extend the life of your records 


-Design and build custom storage solutions for heirlooms and/or precious objects


-Full conservation treatment of badly damaged or particularly vulnerable items

Example of a special document in need of preservation services: a birth certificate improperly repaired with tape